7 Tips for Summer Brides from a Dallas Makeup Artist

Summer is one of the most popular times for weddings all around the world, and for many reasons. With schools out, more friends and family can attend a couple’s big day in the summer. The weather is more consistent in the summer, which is a big plus for a bride wanting an outdoor wedding. In addition, brides can have more fun with bright colors and flower selections than any other time of the year.

With so many great reasons to have a summer wedding, it’s no wonder that many brides choose to plan their big days during this season. However, the warm temperatures and humidity that a bride will be exposed to leading up to and during a summer wedding require a little extra attention in the beauty department. Here are 7 tips that will keep every summer bride looking her best despite the warm temperatures.

  1. Tan within limits.

One of the many beauty staples for a summer bride is a warm, glowing tan. Not only is sun-kissed skin sexy, it also pairs great with a white gown and bright summer wedding makeup. However, it’s easy to over-do it. A dark tan will look very harsh in photos. Instead, aim for a shade 1-2 levels darker than your natural color. No matter what technique you choose, spray tanning, airbrush tanning, tanning beds, or sun tanning, begin building your glow at least 2 weeks before your wedding; and, of course, do so safely! If your dress is strapless, be sure to avoid tan lines.

  1. Stay hydrated.

It is important for everyone to drink plenty of water during the summer, especially brides. The higher temperatures cause our bodies to lose more water than during cooler months. Failure to replenish your body can lead to dehydration and be very harmful to your health. Not only is water vital for the everyday operation of our bodies, it also hydrates the skin and produces a bright, clear skin tone. No matter how many products a professional makeup artist applies, there is nothing that can replace the natural brilliance of hydrated skin. By drinking 8-9 glasses of water a day and enjoying fruits and veggies in the months leading up to your summer wedding, your skin will be ready for your big day.

  1. Adapt an exfoliation regimen.

Warmer temperatures can take a toll on our skin. In the summer, our skin produces excess oil in order to keep itself moisturized. This, along with the everyday buildup of foundation, dead skin, and the pollution that increased time outdoors exposes us to, can accumulate in the skin and cause skin to look dull and could even lead to breakouts. By exfoliating your skin at least once a week, you remove the harmful pollutants from your skin and maintain a rejuvenated complexion. This creates the perfect canvas for bridal makeup artists.

  1. Moisturize hands and lips.summer wedding makeup

Dry skin is a common symptom that many people experience during the summer. Liberally apply an oil-free moisturizer each day. Focus on your hands as they will be the subjects of many of your bridal photos. Nothing pairs well with a fresh manicure than soft hands. Also, keep lips moisturized with your favorite lip balm. Dry lips can be very distracting from a bride’s makeup look, especially with a matte lip color. Plus, you’ll want your lips to be as smooth and supple for your first kiss as husband and wife.

  1. Conditioned hair for wedding hair styles.

Our hair faces many harmful elements during the summer, such as harsh sunlight and chemicals in the pool. This can cause dry and brittle hair, both of which are undesirable characteristics for bridal hairstyles. Schedule 2 deep conditioning treatments at a hair salon in the months prior to your wedding, and use conditioner in the shower twice to 3 times a week in between. Doing so will provide a luscious sheen and gorgeous tresses that your bridal hairstylist will love working with.

  1. Brighten those pearly whites.

Bright, vibrant colors such as coral and fuschia are very popular choices for summer wedding makeup looks, especially for Indian bridal makeup. One of the most known makeup tips and tricks known amongst professional makeup artists is teeth whitening. If your teeth are not very white, the bright color could cause your smile to look yellow and dull. To avoid this, use an over the counter teeth-whitening kit. This will allow your smile and the bright, beautiful lip color to work together for an unforgettable summer look.

  1. Pack blotting papers.

An experienced makeup artist will use the right makeup products in the right amounts to create a long-lasting look that won’t be effected by heat or sweat. However, some touch ups through the ceremony and reception may be necessary. Blotting your face with facial blotting papers will eliminate any shine and keep you looking flawless both in person and in your wedding photos.


Don’t let your fear of warmer weather keep you from having the wedding of your dreams! Follow these simple tips for a stunning, glowing summer look.

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