All American Beauty: Makeup and Hair Styles for the 4th of July

Our country’s most sparkly holiday is just around the corner! July 4th is a day when we celebrate our pride and love for beautiful the great USA. Such a festive holiday deserves an equally bright and celebratory beauty look. Let your hair, nails, and makeup burst with fun by using one or all of these styles this Independence Day.


Patriotic Makeup Tips

The Forth of July is a wonderful time to experiment with new, daring colors and makeup products. While you may be tempted to leave this to the professional makeup artists, amplifying your look can be as simple as applying a single product to one part of your face – no fancy makeup stylist techniques necessary. Dress your lips, eyes, and/or nails with one of these bold-as-a-firework looks.

Classic American Red Lip

It’s as American as baseball and apple pie. Red lipstick can transform your entire look with just a glide across your lips. As one of the most popular lipstick colors, there are so many different shades to choose from. While this may seem overwhelming, the wide variety allows you to tryout several different shades until you find the right one for you. Visit a makeup store or counter to browse through all of the options.

Tip: The next time you have an appointment with a professional makeup artist, ask them to recommend a shade of red that will be the most flattering on you. They have experience applying makeup onto many skin tones and will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Modern Blue Eyelinerblue eyeliner makeup artist tips

Not only is it one of the three colors of the flag, but blue eyeliner is also an easy to add some edge and drama to your look. The color brightens eyes and makes them standout beautifully. If electric blue or teal are a little out of your comfort zone, go for a darker shade like navy instead. This will pair wonderfully with any red, white, and blue outfit and is a great keep for your makeup bag, as it is versatile enough to wear every day.

National Nail Art

One of the hottest current beauty trends is custom nail art – especially when it comes to holidays. With so many great nail-decorating tools available everywhere, it is easier than ever to dress up your nails for every occasion. Use red, white, and blue polish as your main colors and silver glitter to add some sparkle. With a polish pen, draw stars, stripes, and the letters U, S, and A!


Hot Independence Day Hairstyles

No look is complete without the right hair style. Use the styling ideas below for hair that complements your makeup.

fishtail braid up hairstyleUp Hair Styles

The 4th of July falls in the middle of summer, subjecting you and your beauty look to sweltering heat. Keep your hair style tidy and neat by tying it up. A fishtail braid is a great hairstyle in general and looks elegant and youthful on every woman. If you do not have the time to spend braiding your own hair, a fluffy effortless bun is another cute summer style. Whether you wear your hair in a braid, ponytail, or bun, dress it up with a red, white, or blue ribbon for an extra dash of American pride.

Temporary Hair Color

Although our flag’s colors may not be ones with which you would color your hair normally, the July 4th gives you a great reason to try it! Peruse your local drug or beauty store for colored gels and powders that temporarily change the color of your hair. These wash out in the shower and can be used by people of all ages.



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