1.  Do most brides do airbrush makeup?Down Hair
Yes, Reason why is because you can sweat or cry and the makeup does not come off. It is a light weight makeup, its not heavy and doesn’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles. It last 14 to 24hours long.

2.  What is a trial run and why should I do one?
A Trial run is where we would go over both Hair and makeup application that way on the day of your wedding you are happy and satisfied with your Bridal image. We want to make sure every detail is perfect.

3.  How many stylists will be there at my wedding?
If it is just the Bridal hair and makeup you will only need one stylist. If its anything over three or more and it is both hair and makeup application you will have two stylist. Anything over four people you will have at least three stylist.

4.Does it cost more money to add on stylist?
Yes, $50.00 a stylist.

5.  When should I book my appointment?Bridal Makeup and Hairstyles

At least Three months in advance especially if you know its wedding season.

6.  Do you do Indian weddings?
Yes, we do all types of weddings and have experience working with all wedding types.

7.  Can I request a particular stylist?
Yes, you can request whatever stylist as long as they are not booked that day.

8.  How far will you travel for my wedding?
We can travel up to three hours away from Frisco area. Travel fees do apply. Anywhere that is 30 minutes outside of Frisco is a $1.00 a mile.

9.  Are all stylists experienced?Bridesmaids Hair styles
Yes, at least four years or more experience to work for Fairy Beauty Stylist.

10.  Do you require a deposit to secure my wedding date?
Yes, 25% non refundable fee when booking your appointment.

11.  How long will it take to do my makeup and hair styling?
Two hours for both hair and makeup application is needed.

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