Getting Married on a Beach in Hawaii? Try These Hair and Makeup Tips (Part 2)

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular for couples who want their big day to be a mini getaway for themselves and their guests. One location that hosts thousands of weddings each year is Hawaii. From blue skies to pristine white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters, Hawaiian beaches provide a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding. With such incredible surroundings, a beach bride’s hair and makeup must float effortlessly into that scene. Here is the second part of our hair and makeup tips for beach brides, continued from Part 1.

4. Add hair accessories to your bridal hairstyle 

As we discussed in our previous post, it is best to consider down hairstyles or loose updo hairstyles when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding. These types of hair styles provide an easy, breezy look to match your natural surroundings, unlike tight up dos which are more suited for formal indoor weddings. Adding hair accessories can enhance a relaxed wedding hairstyle with a special touch. Depending on the style of your dress, flower pins, small sparkly hairpins, and barrettes are fabulous hair accessory options. Avoid anything too large as it may distract from your wedding dress and bridal makeup.

No matter what hair accessories you choose, be sure to bring them to your trial session. This will allow you and your professional hair stylist to experiment with different bridal hairstyles and decide which one you want on your wedding day. Waiting until the big day to show your wedding hair stylist your accessories may make it difficult to incorporate them into the hairstyle.

5. Avoid Glossy Lip Colors 

If you have ever worn lip gloss with your hair down on a windy day, you are well aware of the reasoning behind this tip. For beach weddings and outdoor weddings in general, it is best to opt for a lip stain or matte lipstick. If a gust of wind suddenly whips up at your wedding, the combination of flying hair and lipgloss can create quite a sticky situation. Your wedding makeup artist will have plenty of matte options available for you to choose from. You can always add some gloss once the outdoor portion of the wedding is complete.

6. Hydration: The Secret to Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeupmakeup tips and tricks for your hawaii wedding

Every good list of makeup tips and tricks includes the importance of keeping your body hydrated, both on the inside and outside. For Hawaiian beach weddings in particular, hydration is especially essential to a bride’s appearance. The salty sea air can be very dehydrating to the skin, in addition to the heat.

Preparing for the dry and warm conditions should start months before your wedding. If you don’t use one already, incorporate a moisturizer in your beauty routine. This will provide your professional makeup artist will a supple, smooth canvas on which they’ll apply your wedding makeup. Also, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to avoid brittle and dry locks. And of course, drink plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day – especially on your wedding day. Not only will this help keep your skin clear, but it will also help protect your body from dehydration. After all, no bride wants to faint on her big day!

7. Don’t Overdo it

There is a time and place for bold makeup looks like smokey eye makeup and dark lips; however, a Hawaiian beach wedding is not it. A bride’s appearance should complement, not compete with, the setting of the wedding. With such an amazing backdrop, simple makeup is the most appropriate for a beach wedding. Focus on natural eye makeup and soft, subtle colors for blush and lips. With the right products, including airbrush foundation, your Hawaii wedding makeup artist can enhance your natural features and make you look stunning without it ever looking forced.

Hawaii Wedding Makeup Artist

One of the best ways to guarantee an immaculate look on your wedding day is to hire a bridal makeup artist who has experience with the Hawaiian climate. The traveling makeup artists at Fairy Beauty Stylists can accompany you to Hawaii for your destination wedding and create a look that is perfect for you.

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