Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush MakeupThere are few things in life as magical as airbrush makeup, and Fairy Beauty Stylists’ professional makeup artists know just how to use it. This makeup technique uses full-coverage foundation specifically formulated for airbrush guns, rather than a sponge or brush. When the machine is switched on, the foundation is applied in a light, fine mist over the face – resulting in a flawless, natural-looking complexion. This makeup technique is extremely popular among celebrities as it photographs exceptionally well. Airbrush makeup is waterproof, does not smudge, and lasts for up to 24 hours (even through sweat and tears!), making it the perfect photo shoot, sweet 16, and wedding makeup. Fairy Beauty Stylists offers on-location airbrush makeup application, making any location a makeup salon!

Natural Makeup

Natural MakeupNatural makeup is a great option for those easing themselves into makeup or would simply like to try something new. Natural makeup is a great way to look polished, fresh, and luminous without looking too “done”. It utilizes your natural beauty without requiring many layers of heavy makeup. Our professional makeup artists use a combination of just the right products in measured amounts to leave you with a look that is seemingly effortless. Natural makeup is all about a flawless face with a subtle flush, light eye makeup, and a nude lip color to complete the look.

Vintage Makeup

Vintage MakeupVintage makeup pays tribute to the past by applying makeup trends begun by women from the 1920’s to 1960’s. This makeup technique is particularly popular with brides as it makes for timeless and bold, yet elegant wedding makeup. Makeup artists combine flawless skin, striking red lipsticks, winged eyeliner, and dramatic eyelashes to recreate the ever-classic vintage makeup look.

Indian Makeup

Indian MakeupFairy Beauty Stylists cater to women of all ethnicities and cultures. One culture we are particularly accustomed to, however, is Indian culture. While most American brides walk down the aisle in white or ivory wedding gowns, Indian brides are wed in traditional gowns full of vibrant color and bold hues. Indian wedding makeup is just as vivid. Eye makeup is the biggest staple of this makeup technique, using jewel-toned eyeshadows, statement eyebrows, and dark eyeliner.


Dramatic Makeup

Dramatic MakeupEvery now and then comes an occasion that allows us to step away from the ordinary and have some fun. Whether it’s for a themed party, prom, or a girls night out, dramatic makeup can be especially exciting to experiment with as it can transform your entire look. Your Fairy Beauty Stylist makeup artist will work with your ideas to create a look that will turn heads all night!


Bridal Makeup

Bridal MakeupEvery bride wants to look her best as she walks down the aisle towards her soon-to-be life partner. One of the most important components of your wedding look is your makeup. Wedding makeup requires special products and techniques that are guaranteed to last through your ceremony and into the night with little to no touch ups. Whether you prefer a dramatic or a subtle, more natural look, the most important element of bridal makeup is blemish-free, natural looking skin. Other important wedding makeup essentials include amplified eyelashes, softly-groomed eyebrows, and a highlighter for a romantic glow.

Smokey-Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye MakeupOne of the most recent and highly requested makeup techniques is the smokey-eye. Smokey-eye makeup is used to add sophisticated intensity to any look, and is perfect for a prom or gala. This technique shines a spotlight on the eyes as it uses darker-colored eye makeup. While these dark colors may seem too intense when initially applied, your makeup artist will use certain blending techniques to create a feathered look without any harsh lines. Smokey-eye makeup is usually paired with a nude-colored lip to balance the look.

Cat-Eye Makeup

Cat Eye MakeupCat-eye makeup is a great way to add some steam to your look without the heaviness of a smokey-eye. Cat-eye makeup requires a very fine brush and steady hands for the perfect winged eyeliner. Depending on the overall makeup look, our professional makeup artists may use a nude or light shimmery eyeshadow as a backdrop to the cat-eye. Unlike smokey-eye makeup, cat-eye makeup is often complemented with pigmented lip color to contrast the lightness of the eye makeup.

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