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Dressing for formal events, black tie galas, weddings and proms is just the culmination of all of our practice playing dress-up as kids. Whether you’re preparing for a glorious wedding day, or want a whole new hairstyle for senior prom, Fairy Beauty Stylists is here to turn fantasy into reality with the hairstyle and finishing touches that lets you put your best foot forward.

The Fairy Beauty Stylists are different from the typical salon. We are event stylists that work with you to create a hairstyle that’s all your own. Magazines can only help you come up with ideas; we help shape those ideas into a style that you can work, play, and live in for as long as you like.


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We work onsite so we can help fix accidents should they occur, but we like to prevent them with proper planning. For instance, if you choose to wear a tiara or headpiece, we’ll figure out a bridal hairstyle that works both with and without the headpiece, so you can be your most comfortable and beautiful.

Whether you have short or long hair, we can help create a look that you love. Those with short hair don’t have to do much to make a statement! A sleek blowdry is great option for a short bridal hairstyle, as it accomplishes a picture-perfect look and compliments the dress, all while remaining naturally elegant. Brides with short hair will want to choose an especially striking dress for the occasion. Accessorizing with some drop earrings can complete the style.

Mid-length hair can be done in a myriad of ways, and we can even use clip-in extensions to add length per request. This hair length is also great for partial up-do’s where we pin back a few sections of hair and leave the rest in full, luxurious waves. A bold necklace or daring choker is a great way to accentuate a mid-length formal hairstyle. If you have a ball-gown style dress, a fashionable up-do is perfect to showcase it!

Long length hair gets the most versatility in hairstyles. As long as the hair is healthy–having been conditioned and trimmed regularly–your choice of hairstyle is as limitless as your imagination. Play with this flexibility and pull a costume change (of sorts!) during your wedding. Maybe do a classic up-do for the ceremony that falls perfectly into lovely locks for the reception. Even though they can be rather formal, at the end of the day a wedding is still a party. Rapunzel, let your hair down and dance!

The health and shine of your hair does wonders for any hairstyle, whether it’s short, long, or right in the middle. The Fairy Beauty Stylists are certified professionals with years of experience working with clients of all hair and skin types and creating variations of hairstyles for them. Regardless of which hairstyle you choose, Fairy Beauty Stylists can make your dream look come through for your event.

Let us help you make your formal event one to remember. Call 1-888-963-2479 to set an appointment.